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Shona and the locals, 1954

Just two cards from her 1954 holiday in Norway, but the first is rather entertaining.

En route to Haugesund, Norway

30th May, 1954

We are on our way to Haugesund on a ship of the same name. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, it is airy [?] on the water but there is a barge over the land which spoils the view. Shona is just getting off with 3 rather slimy [?] locals, I don’t know if they understand each other or not. We were taken from the hotel to the boat by bus so the luggage was no bother.

I’ve changed the name of her female companion here, as the more names that appear, the easier it might be to identify our tourist. I’m assuming that ‘getting off’ didn’t mean the same in the 1950s as it does in current UK slang, or else Shona would have been pretty busy!

Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik, Hardanger, Norway

31st May, 1954

Have arrived at Ulvik. The journey was wonderful, the road twisted round the fiords and through tunnels. We stopped at a large waterfall and got soaked with spray looking at it. We stopped at Odda as well and saw a lot in their national costumes, the children were lovely. The scenery is just like the postcards, blossoms, blue skies and the water. To-morrow we go shopping and must see about sight-seeing.

Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik, Hardanger is still on the go today. It looks rather nice.

As with all of the postcard posts, please don’t publicly speculate about the identity of the author or recipient. 


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  1. My nan has used the term ‘getting off’ to mean snogging… i think Shona was a busy lady

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