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Return to Norway – with Imogen – in 1958

Well, I didn’t feel I could go on my holidays without telling you a bit more about hers.

A second trip to Norway – she also went in 1954. This time, though, she’s with Imogen, not Shona. I’m not totally sure that the first postcard belongs to this holiday (and at the start of it), but it was definitely sent in the 1950s (based on the digits I can make out), and this seems to be the most logical fit.

Bergen postcard 1958

Bergen, Norway

[Date unclear]

Have arrived safely. Norway is beautiful. I think like Switzerland the houses are built on the side of the mountain. It was a bit rough crossing but not too bad. The shops look lovely. I am sure I will be broke. Everyone is very polite I think it will be easy to get around. Some of the words are just like ours. I shared a cabin with an Australian girl she is hitch-hiking on the continent for 10 weeks with her brother. Will write later although I may be home before it arrives.

An interesting mention of her hitch-hiking cabin mate. I guess these were the days before Busabout.

Reindeer Norway 1958

Bergen, Norway

25th May, 1958


Just had a lovely lunch and feel much better. Alls well here and Imogen’s delighted with her necklace. Going to have a look at Bergen luckily the shops are shut. We get our train in about 2 hours. Hope you are getting on all right.

Imogen also accompanied her on her trip to Bavaria the following year (1959).

Postcard Ulvik 1958

Ulvik, Hardanger, Norway

29th May, 1958


Have arrived in Ulvick. It is cool but sunny. There is no blossom out yet but plenty snow on the mountains. Quite a lot of changes here. New buildings  and such like but it looks much the same. We passed some beautiful waterfalls on the way, it is nice going over the ground we know. We move on to-morrow, I hope the next place is nice. It is very friendly at Uppheim. Will soon feel like locals. Hope you had a good time at M. Fergussons. It is almost time to go back. 

As usual, I’ve changed the names of people mentioned in the postcard. When she visited Ulvik in 1954, she stayed at the Brakanes Hotel; not clear if she is staying here again.

View over Bergen 1958

Bergen, Norway

2nd June, 1958


Our last day here. We have been shopping and sightseeing. We are having lunch and watching the world go past. We are going up the mountain next to have a look round from there. We were in the flower market and the fish market. We had a lovely sail down the fiord last night. Were up again at 5:30 to see the scenery.

I love this postcard! Fantastic colourful outfits.


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  1. The black & white pics look amazing! Thanks for posting!


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