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In January 2012, I bought over one hundred old postcards from the Omni Centre’s Sunday morning car boot sale in Edinburgh. The postcards were all sent from the same sender to the same recipient over an approximately twenty-year period, and provide an account of the sender’s holidays in Europe. I’m blogging them one vacation at a time.

A couple of health warnings are required: I can’t make out some of the handwriting or dates, and I don’t have every single postcard in the ‘set’. Still, I think the fragments are enough to tell a story. On an editorial note, I’ve left the punctuation exactly as written.

Privacy of correspondents

The postcards are from one woman to another; the recipient lived at the same Edinburgh address throughout, and I think the sender may also have been from Edinburgh. I’ve decided not to give information about the identities of the sender and recipient here, or to show the handwriting on the postcards, as I think one or both women may still be alive. In the event that you might know more about either of the women, I would love to hear from you, but please don’t speculate about their identities publicly on this blog or anywhere else.



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