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I am Sarah Anderson. I write about old things – mostly those in Edinburgh, UK (AKA ‘Auld Reekie’) – dating from the last couple of centuries. My subject matter is usually the personal and seemingly trivial.

I used to earn my living helping academics get funding; I now work for the Beltane Public Engagement Network. I once did research as a doctoral student in English language; the dedicated can read my PhD thesis.

When I’m not working, I blog and go around Edinburgh’s second-hand shops. I have a weakness for rescue cats but, in spite of the cat thing, I am actually married.


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  1. Ross Simpson Brown

    Hi! Living in Oslo, I come to Edin twice yearly, generally trudging the backstreets – on the lookout for old postcards. I’m a young-old guy from NZ, and worked as a 20-age compositor in 1956 in Leith at McKenzie & Storrie, the most antiquated place imaginable – gaffer with walrus-moustache ringing a bicycle bell at 8 am at the door then locking up five minutes later, people spitting on an ice-cold floor of marble, equipment from a distant age, and genuinely-nice people who ate greasy chips for lunch and smoked continuously, so on, Just waiting for a day off on Sunday and undoubtedly awaiting for Monday and something to do. Unforgetable.
    Anyhow, what ideas on old postcards for sale? Cheers, RossB, Oslo


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