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1961 – Bavaria and Austria

In this instalment of the postcard collection, our writer is back in Bavaria for her annual holiday.

Updated January 2014 with a couple of extra cards.

Kurhaus Ruhpoldimg

Ruhpolding, Bavaria

23rd May, 1961

Sunday night

Have been on familiar territory again at the Kurhaus. We don’t sit at the same place so haven’t seen George yet, but we were doing all right. The Dutch girl courier is there again and came and spoke to us, so we are well in. The Kurhaus didn’t look like this to-day. It has poured since lunch time, just like the day at Caithness. They say the weather forecast is good for to-morrow, we will have to wait and see.

Was George a hot waiter?

postcard showing Traunstein, Bavaria, GermanyTraunstein, Bavaria

[day unclear] June, 1961

I am trying to number my cards but whether I do it right or not I do not know. We have had breakfast and are waiting for our train. The crossing was beautiful at first then it was terrible. I lost some of my lunch but will soon make it up, Hope you are managing.

Although I cannot make out the exact date on the postmark, the writer’s numbering indicates this is the second postcard in what I’ve got.


Water lilies

Ruhpolding, Bavaria

5th June, 1961

I know that this card is not Ruhpolding, but it looked nice. We have got the length of knowing that we go to Vienna next Wednesday. We have had a lazy day to-day, Monday looking round the shops and trying to book tours. We are sent somewhere different every time. We sat and knitted on the veranda for a while as it was showery. Hope you are doing all right at home. Still no sign of K.

Ooh, who was K?

The German Alpine RoadRuhpolding, Bavaria

7th June, 1961


To-day we have been going round all the back streets. They are just [xxxxx] but the houses are very pretty. We are getting as bad as you for looking for seats. The weather is still not good, misty and cloudy but not so cold as home. To-morrow we go to Salzburg so we will have plenty of energy. How are you doing? Fine I hope. Must get going again to the nearest café as usual.

With their occasional references to men and shopping, I had always got the impression the writer was sending these postcards to her sister. The way the last few cards have been signed off, though, give the impression the recipient isn’t in the best of health; that, and the reference to looking for seats in this postcard, make me think she is writing to someone older – her mother or grandmother.

Terrace in SalzburgSalzburg, Austria

8th June, 1961


Here we are in Salzburg. We came on the German tour. It has fired up now but the journey was very wet. As usual we are at our favourite occupation, eating. We hope to get to the castle but haven’t bought much, for a wonder! The streets are very narrow in the [xxxx], so is the café, it is a squeeze to get in. We haven’t even taken photos. Have a bash at the bottle [?] before I get back.

Rattenberg, AustriaInnsbruck. Austria

9th June, 1961


We are now in Innsbruck. The run was beautiful at first but then rain. We have been half way up a mountain but the view was spoilt by the cloud. We have lunch then go a tour of the city and then shop. It was the amateur night last night in the Kurhaus, and the [xxxxxxxx] went up to do a turn.

Pink flowersRuhpolding, Bavaria

12th June, 1961


Had a nice day although there is still not much sun, In the morning we wote cards and in the afternoon we went a run on the horse cart. It was beautiful, right into the mountains. You certainly see the scenery, we climbed (on foot) away up a path to see the waterfall, the most energetic we have been yet. Hope you are feeling fine.

House 'Feichtner', Winkl, BavariaRuhpolding, Bavaria

14th June, 1961


another very wet day. We have got most of our shopping done. I got your letter to-day and got the material, it looks nice. N.D. seems to be doing her stuff. She might have brought something with her. I have marked our window. Its upstairs but we haven’t meeded the sunshades. There isn’t any news to-day. We are getting ready for Vienna to-morrow, we start at six in the morning. I hope it is fair. I hope you are not feeling too fed up.

You might just be able to make out her blue cross showing her room against the top left window of the hotel. This hotel, Haus Feichtner, is still going today; it is in the village of Reit im Winkl on the German-Austrian border.

I wonder who N.D. was.


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