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1960 in Bavaria

It is more than six months since I last blogged, and nearly a year since I last blogged about the postcard collection. My only excuse is that work and home life have been pretty full-on, although that’s not really an excuse – I’ve still watched plenty of crap TV.

Anyway, seeing as I work in a UK university, I can officially claim September to be the start of a new year, so my resolution is to get back on top of this blog and, in particular, to finish telling the story of our Edinburgh lady’s trips to Europe.

Postcard of Westminster Abbey, London

London, SW1

21st May, 1960

Have arrived safely in London and are waiting to eat. The train was packed and very warm, managed to doze off and on. It has been very wet here but seems calm so I’ll hope for the best. Hope you are all right.

Koenigsschloss Herrenchiemsee

Königsschloss Herrenchiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

23rd May, 1960

We have just toured this castle. It is very beautiful with mirrors and  chandeliers, crystal and china. Puts your candlesticks to shame. The weather has cheered up and we had to sail to the island We are experts at eating wedges of cake our frocks will soon not fit. I don’t think we will have time to do half of what we want. Hope you are feeling all right.

Hotel Schmied von Kochel

Kochel am See, Bavaria, Germany

24th May, 1960

We are sitting at this hotel drinking cider. This is our first stop on the way to Oberammergau. The sun is shining and we have had a lovely run. Imogen liked her birthday presents, we were up at 5.30am. She is getting off with a Swedish courier nothing like mixing the countrys. Must go now.

Imogen has accompanied her on previous holidays. 


Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany

24th May, 1960


We have arrived in Oberammergau at last. We are staying in a little house half way up the mountain so we have quite a walk but the view is beautiful, as usual our first stop is a cafe but there are plenty shops, we have still to find the  flowers [?] we should see. The run was cloudy specially at the end when we climbed into the mountains. We have seen the highest mountain in Germany, still covered with snow. It is a very nice village although we haven’t seen much of it. 


Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany

25th May, 1960


Have had an afternoon shopping, there are lovely shops but we don’t seem to be getting on very quickly. The men here have all got beards and long hair and look very wild, and you can’t tell the boys from the girls. We had dinner in a little café and it was very good. We met some Americans, the place is overflowing with them. This is the mountain we passed this morning but it doesn’t have much snow now.

St Bartholomew's Church, Koenigsee

Königssee, Bavaria, Germany

27th May, 1960

We have just been on the Königssee again, it was cloudy but quite nice. We have just been down the salt mines, we had to wear trousers a jacket and a hat and looked like something out of a harem. We went in a little train and down shutes. I can hardly sit down now. The salt is the mineral salts for curing different troubles. It is fine knowing [?] our way about.


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