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The end of the 1950s

If I have done a thorough job of sorting out the postcard collection, these should be the last postcards from the 1950s. They are fragments; the first two are possibly from the same trip. These same two postcards  have typed, stuck-on address labels. I wonder whether she brought these with her from home to save bringing her address book along.

An overview of the postcard collection is given on its dedicated blog page.

London SW1

27th May, 1956


Have arrived safely in London We had a good journey stopping at LONDONDERRY as usual. The bus was very warm at first but they put the heating off. It was a lovely bus. We may get the 8.20 home so should be in about 6AM on the Wednesday. We haven’t reserved seats but have got our tickets. We are sitting in the Mall just now, may drop in to see the Queen later. It is very warm and our train xxx [scribbled out text] leaves at 4 o’clock.

Zurich 1956

Basel 2, Switzerland

5th June, 1956


Just now we are sitting in one of the main streets of Basel resting our weary feet. We are on a seat not the pavement. We had a terrific send of in Vaduz. Spent 3 hours in Zurich but didn’t like it very much, you take your life in your hands crossing the roads If you don’t run like mad, you’ve had it. We are thinking of going for our dinner and then the train and then home.

Quite hard to imagine anything risky taking place in Switzerland, even if it is just crossing the road. I’m amused too by her assurance that she wasn’t sitting on the pavement.


Ruhpolding, Germany

1st [?] June, 195x

Sunday night

This is where we have our lunch and dinner. It is very nice, like a large restaurant, to-night there was a show, it was a bit queer listening to a comedian telling jokes and not understanding a word of it. It is very cold and wet just now, not very great but we hope it will clear up. Haven’t picked up our tours yet.  they don’t seem to be what we want, might be better on our own. Hope you are feeling alright.

It feels like the end of a decade should be marked in some way, so here’s a picture of  the Edinburgh tenement where the recipient of all the postcards lived:

Tenement home of postcard recipient

(c) 2012 Google

As I said when I started blogging about the postcards, I don’t want to reveal the names or addresses of the writer or recipient; for this reason, I’ve removed the house numbers from this picture and haven’t given you the street name.* If you wish to speculate about these, please contact me privately. The postcards were addressed to the blue door on the right.

* There are a lot of similar-looking tenements in Edinburgh, so I don’t feel I’m compromising by including this picture.


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