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1957 – two holidays?

I think we’ve got fragments of two 1957 holidays here – one to Italy and another to Germany. Hard to tell, though, as the dates on two of the cards are unclear.

(You can get a reminder of the background of the postcard collection on its dedicated blog page.)

Postcard showing Florence

Florence, Italy

4th [month unclear], 1957

Sitting on a wall in the square at Florence just waiting to go sightseeing We had a beautiful run here and it is a lovely day. Yesterday we were on a local bus they pack you in till you can hardly breathe. This looks a lovely place. Stalls all over to buy stuff, worse luck!

Postcard showing Venice

Venice, Italy

7th [month unclear], 1957

Trying to write a card in St. Mark’s  Sq. The pigeons [xxx] dive-bombing. We sailed up the grand-canal, it is a bit strong. The noise is terrific people all over the place. The buildings and paintings are beautiful never seen anything like them. As usual half of the folk on the tour have got lost we will have to get the next river bus. Like the ordinary buses they pack on dozens, you have to hang on by your teeth.

I wonder if, by ‘strong’, she means the canal smells bad. I sense irritation in this card, what with the noise, smell, crowded buses, dive-bombing pigeons and lost travelling companions.

Postcard showing Ruhpolding, Germany

Ruhpolding, Bavaria, Germany

21st September, 1957


Got two letters this morning. Glad to know that you are all right but sorry you have missed all the good weather. This is where we climbed to yesterday, it was lovely. We are being very lazy taking our time in the morning and walking in the afternoon. It is very hot to-day must see if I can roast. Maybe I should get my thumb working for the return journey. We got the English news on the  [xx]-box.

Is she thinking about hitch-hiking? Would seem uncharacteristic – she always seems to be on organised tours. It sounds like she might have access to TV, but would radio be more probable?


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  1. Sorry about the photo quality in this post. I ought to have waited until daylight to take the pics, but I was really in the mood to do a post.


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