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Father and Mr Thom

I owe you a proper post after so long – I have plenty to tell you – but, until I get round to it, here’s something I couldn’t sit on. (Excuse the basic appearance of this post. My first go at writing from my phone.)

I picked up this postcard from a stall in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket last weekend:


It’s clearly written by a child, and reads as follows:

Father arived here all safe Polly and me went to met him and we did not get him but Mr Thom met him though we had a grate dance on friday night I will be home on monday and off to school on wedenesday JG


I find reading all old personal letters and notes pretty exciting, but the fact a child wrote this makes it quite magical.

The postmark has been ripped off along with the stamp, but I think it must certainly be from the first half of the twentieth century. It was sent to an address in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

I got 3 postcards like this for one pound – dangerously cheap…

It’s a time of big but exciting change for me right now. (More info soon, and no, I’m not pregnant!) I will, though, try to keep up my blogging here as it’s an excellent relaxation. Especially today, when I’m at the tail end of some flu bug and am quite sorry for myself. WHERE IS SUMMER?


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  1. Auld from Reekie

    Thanks for the likes, y’all!

  2. Very interesting find! I like that sort of ephemera too, a snapshot into the past…

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