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Continued: From John O’Groats – July 1930

Continued: From John O’Groats – July 1930

Well, The Scottish Aeneas has done it again.

On New Year’s Eve, I wrote about a postcard that I had bought for a quid that was sent from a father to a son in July 1930. The father was holidaying in John O’Groats, in the north of Scotland, and the son – whose name I could not make out – was living in the affluent New Town district of Edinburgh.

Fathers seem to have been just as economical as communicators in 1930 as they are today, as the postcard sweetly but simply says:

This is a very lovely place[;] the view to Orkney is very clear – Dad

The Scottish Aeneas has done his detective work and has made out the son’s name as Eric Crosbee. According to the Dictionary of Scottish Architects, Eric became an architect, was born on 21st June 1912, and his father was Walter Gould Crosbee, a mechanical engineer. Eric started his architectural apprenticeship in Edinburgh in March 1930, a few months before Walter sent him this postcard. Eric married Kathleen Howson Drummond and died, aged 92, on 28th June 2004. Here’s one of Eric’s sketches:

The Outlook Tower, Castlehill, Edinburgh from a sketch by Mr Eric Crosbee (from

The Scottish Aeneas has also managed to obtain a picture of Walter Crosbee’s gravestone, which can be found in Edinburgh’s Dean Cemetery. The headstone reveals that Eric’s mother, Sarah Ann Hutton Crosbee, was an artist – not surprising given Eric’s talent. It also looks like Eric had an older brother, Ronald, who seems to have followed in his father’s engineering footsteps.

Gravestone of Walter Crosbee and family. Generously provided by Charles Sale and (c) Gravestone Photographic Resource,

I had a bumper find of 1960s postcards at Edinburgh’s Omni Car Boot in January 2012, and I hope to get to bringing you these soon. Meanwhile, thank you, as always, to the Scottish Aeneas for his hard work – please do visit his blog if you’re interested in the history of Edinburgh.


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  1. What great detective work…. and the Omni Car boot sale sounds wonderful…!..Love that kind of thing… treasures waiting to be discovered…

  2. Dear twinklingnorthstar,

    A belated thank you for your lovely comment. We’re hopefully back off the the Omni car boot this morning!

    Loving your recent posts. Nice to hear all about the sunshine, too, when you’re here in rainy and cold Edinburgh!

    Sarah x


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