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From John O’Groats – July 1930

From John O’Groats – July 1930

Steptoes in the Newington area of Edinburgh is well-placed for student business, but I’m not the only person to still shop there long after their studies have finished. It sells affordable second-hand furniture – anything from early twentieth-century wardrobes to unwanted IKEA – and a good scattering of bric-a-brac. On my latest trip, I got a nest of three tables (for £9!), and couldn’t resist getting this postcard too.

For the princely sum of £1, I acquired this eighty-one year-old holiday memento. Sent from a father to a son when the former was holidaying at John O’Groats in July 1930, it carries a brief message:

This is a very lovely place[;] the view to Orkney is very clear – Dad

The son’s address is 21 Claremont Crescent, Edinburgh, which is on the edge of Edinburgh’s New Town. The New Town is probably the most prestigious area of the city, so it seems fair to assume that this family was reasonably comfortably-off. Here’s what 21 Claremont Crescent looks like today (links to Google Maps).

The one thing I cannot make out is the name of the son – the addressee. Suggestions welcome! (The Scottish Aeneas, that means you!)

Oh, and the very best for 2012!


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  1. I will get my Holmes-sized magnifying glass out later on, but in the meantime I may say I spent all of my childhood years about 100 yeards from this address at 99 East Claremont Street. I know the area like the back of my hand. You are right about the Crescent; most likely a family of middle class character.

  2. The addressee is Eric Hutton Crosbee, who was about 18 when he received this postcard from his father. He later became a successful architect. Love these challenges… any more?

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