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Tea, chocolate, polar explorers and false teeth

Tea, chocolate, polar explorers and false teeth

Hello peeps! Welcome back.

Well, having re-read some of my 1911 Daily Mail Yearbook, I’ve established that there was some major stuff going on that year: the coronation of King George V; the development of early aeroplanes; women’s suffrage. Given this, I thought it only natural that I would write today about some of the Yearbook‘s food adverts.

First off, a product incredibly dear to my heart – tea. Our tea manufacturer in this instance, the Maypole Dairy Company, existed from 1887 until 1964, and started out in the English West Midlands (thanks to the Wolverhampton Heritage and History Website).

Tea from the Maypole Dairy Co.

In my Googling just now, I found a picture of a Maypole Dairy Co. shop in South Yorkshire in 1912, and another advert for Maypole tea dating from nearly thirty years later.

Next up, it’s chocolate – the rather glamorously-named ‘Vinello’. Vinello was made by Fry’s, a brandname now owned by Cadbury’s, and seems to have got its name from a plant used to give chocolate a perfume. I’ve just seen a ‘Vinello’ advertising card on Ebay dating from 1922, so it looks like this product survived at least a while.

‘Vinello’ chocolate
Continuing on a sweet theme, we’ve got ‘Polar Biscuits’, a product developed to celebrate the efforts of the UK’s polar explorers. Captain Scott, who died just a year after this advert was published, reportedly took some with him on his ill-fated final expedition to the Antarctic.

Polar Biscuits

After all that sugar, it’s quite possible your pearly whites would be rotting away. Fortunately, you might have been to get a good price on a pair of false teeth, as it seems someone did a trade in recycling them:

Old artificial teeth bought.

Tea, chocolate, biscuits and possibly not paying as much attention to our teeth as we might – us Brits haven’t changed much in 100 years.


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