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1911 – the Daily Mail version

1911 – the Daily Mail version

My internet connection and brain are similarly slow tonight, so just a quick post for you. I couldn’t resist bringing you a sneak preview of a book I’ll blog about more fully later on – the Daily Mail Year Book.

Nowadays, the Daily Mail isn’t exactly my newspaper of choice, but this volume – which dates from 1911 – is absolutely fascinating reading. According to the front cover, the Daily Mail Year Book series started in 1900, and its purpose was to act as “a handbook to all questions of the day”. This edition covers politics, travel, the British Empire, social welfare matters (including education, housing and the vote for women), foreign affairs and more.

In coming weeks, I’ll bring you (what I think are) some of the more interesting insights from the book. Meanwhile, here is a closer look at the cover and some entertaining adverts for medical potions (click to enlarge):


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