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My second vintage sewing pattern…

…is all thanks to my sister. Knowing that I’d started to get the vintage sewing bug (I nagged her about finding my nan’s old Singer sewing machine for the best part of a weekend), she picked this up for me at a market stall in our home town.

According to the addictive resource that is the Vintage Patterns Wiki, this Butterick pattern dates from the Mad Men-era – the early 1960s. The Wiki describes it as:

Jr. Misses’ & Misses’ Dress & Jacket : The brief jacket tops a smart sheath or a bouffant dress. (A) Full-skirted dress with contrasting bodice, jacket to match skirt, purchased belt. (B) Slim dress shown alone, and with contrasting jacket.

 Early 1960s Butterick dress pattern

I would definitely wear either of these outfits (although the sheath dress version would probably suit my short frame better), and the 1960s UK size sixteen measures up almost exactly the same as my present-day UK size twelve – no pattern regrading required!

Pretty much the only catch is that I’ve still to cut out and sew my regraded 1950s skirt pattern from a few months ago (admittedly, life has been pretty full-on recently). I’m a devil for taking on too many things at once, so I’ll just have to sit on my hands until my first vintage sewing project is finished.

The 1910s fashion feast that is TV’s Downton Abbey is about to start, so I’ll love you and leave you for now, folks. Have a good week.


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  1. Sarah! So wonderful to find you on the blogosphere. I LOVE this sewing pattern, and am going to have so much fun following you on your vintage Edinburgh adventures. Next time you find yourselves at an Edinburgh eating joint, have a wee sip for me! 🙂

    Amanda xo

    • Thanks Amanda! I hope to be doing a post on some of Rhian’s creations soon (I haven’t told her yet). Meanwhile, can’t wait to follow your authorial adventures and say one day that I knew you when you were only semi-famous ;). X Sarah


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