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Old medicine

Like most people, I like spending time in chemists only marginally more than I do hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. However, in Edinburgh, they do soften the blow by sometimes giving you great window displays of merchandise they have left over from many decades ago – a mini museum exhibition. The staff at Paton & Finlay in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, have been kind enough to let me take some pictures of their collection (click pictures to enlarge):

Mustard leaf, if I have it right, is something that used to be applied as a warming dressing for aches and pains. Possibly the atomiser was used to spray medicine in a patient’s throat. And the meths register, well: given its use by the more desperate as source of drinking alcohol, I wonder if the register was a way of monitoring for possible abusers. As always, I might have the wrong end of the stick on all of this, and would love to be corrected.

Paton & Finlay isn’t the only chemist in Edinburgh with a good window display – try also MacKenzie & Co. on Forrest Road.


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