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Shoe library | brown embroidered court

 Practical they are not but, in my humble opinion, beautiful they are.

Brown embroidered court shoes

 These are my mystery shoes. I bought them around the same time as the other court shoes I’ve featured so far on this blog but, unlike those shoes, there is no readable brand name on the insole. I’m also a bit stuck on an approximate era for when they were made. My gut says forties or fifties; however, my gut has previously been wrong.

As I said, these shoes are not practical. They have a brown fabric upper, most of which is covered with fairly intricate embroidery. I’ve worn these out a couple of times – once they’ve been liberally covered with shoe protector – and they are more comfortable than the majority of my modern courts. However, with all that embroidery, I am quite happy to keep them as shoes I take out and admire from time-to-time. (After all, how often do you look down at your feet when you’re walking?)

As for the other members of my shoe library, I’d be keen to have a bit more light shed on who made these shoes and when. Comment away!

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