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Edinburgh Vintage Day | Barnardo’s and Judy’s Vintage Fair

Edinburgh Vintage Day | Barnardo’s and Judy’s Vintage Fair

There isn’t actually an ‘Edinburgh Vintage Day’, but I’m in half a mind to start a movement.  (After all, we have a festival for just about everything else in this city.) However, today has been my own vintage celebration.

First off, me and fellow blogger AnnaNotKarenina  headed to Barnardo’s charity shop on Edinburgh’s Nicolson Street, which was re-launching the vintage branch of its business today. The store definitely seemed to have more pre-1990s (my definition of vintage!) items than it has had previously, my favourite being a red velvet long-sleeved pencil dress that looked to be from the early 1960s. And if you’re a record collector, take a look at the basket of vinyl on offer.

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Next off was Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, which had set up camp for the day on Dalmeny Street in Leith. I had been looking forward to this for the last couple of months and was not disappointed. In addition to the ubiquitous cut-off denim shorts and ‘ironic’ jumpers (enough to clothe a sizeable proportion of Edinburgh’s student community),  there were some real treasures. I fell in love with some of the beautifully detailed make-up compacts – for me, a perfect example of vintage trumping the present day – and there was jewellery (both original vintage and up-cycled) to suit every taste.

Jewellery galore at Judy's Vintage Fair

I couldn’t quite justify (this month, anyway) spending cash on a compact that I would be unlikely to use, but did part with some pennies for a brooch to complete my outfit for an upcoming wedding:

1980s sun and stars brooch
The brooch is from my least favourite decade (1980s), and I’ve just realised it’s similar to some earrings I had as a teenager, but I reckon it’ll set off the midnight blue pencil dress I plan to wear it rather nicely.
Finally, it was time for lunch at Joseph Pearce’s at the top of Leith walk. With its posters of Kylie and Jason in their 1980s heydays, it seemed the ideal place to end our vintage morning and a very pleasant start October. 
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