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Shoe library | Terry de Havilland waisted peep-toe

The first time I read the label inside these shoes was when taking photos for this post. I was surprised to read what I think is ‘Terry de Havilland’. First off, isn’t he quite a famous designer? (These shoes cost about £8 in the late nineties.) Secondly – and more interestingly – are these shoes more modern than I thought?

I had always assumed that these peep-toe courts dates from some times in the fifties. I think it’s the waisted design and cone heel – a real wiggle shoe. However, de Havilland is best known for his seventies disco wedges, so unless I’ve been lucky enough to get a pair of very early shoes, I might be the owner of something from the decade whose fashion I like the least!

Still, I’ll never love these shoes any less. I’ve always had a thing for waisted courts – so elegant while a little naughty. These are also wide enough for my rather broad feet (too much info, perhaps?).

One more member of the shoe library is coming soon. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from anyone who could shed light on the possible age of these shoes and/or Terry de Havilland’s designs.


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