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Auld from Reekie update

Auld from Reekie update

Recent vintage good-news stories from Auld Reekie…

Dry cleaner goes vintage

Kleen Cleaners on St Mary’s Street has the prestige of being the Queen’s dry cleaner when she’s in town. Now they’ve further upped their game by opening their very own vintage boutique selling clothes and accessories.

Having browsed around a couple of times, there are are definitely some pieces in here I’m lusting after (including a Vivienne Westwood leopard print top), but prices mean I will continue to have to lust for a while yet. However, if you want something special and possibly a designer label, this is the place to go. Oh, and being from a dry cleaner’s, all items are fresh-smelling – no rotten armpits here!

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair

The Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair is visiting Edinburgh on 1st October 2011. The Fair tours the UK’s major cities selling vintage fashion and homewares. I’ve never been, so am really looking forward to giving this a go. It’s £2 entry (£1 concessions), 11am-4pm at the Drill Hall (Out of the Blue), Dalmeny Street, Leith.

Pictures from Lost Edinburgh

The Facebook group Lost Edinburgh hosts photographs of Edinburgh in its earlier days. As well as feasting your eyes on the cars of the citizens of the day, locals can also spot the architecture (including some terrifyingly high tenements) which has since made way for modern developments. Great to have such a repository available so freely.

I have not received any compensation for writing this content and I have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein (http://CMP.LY/0/jXFZkQ).


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