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Who knew about the Kenwood Chef love?

Who knew about the Kenwood Chef love?

Seemingly, everyone but me.

I acquired one of these food mixers a few weeks ago after it was thrown in with the free microwave that I’d originally gone to collect. (My first Freecycle experience.) I’ve wanted something to speed up the baking process for the last three years – meringues with a hand whisk just aren’t going to happen with me – but have never got around to saving up the money. After cleaning off the worst of the grime (it had belonged to someone’s great aunt and was then stashed in a garage), I did a Google search to see what I’d ended up with.

It turns out that people are paying good sums of money for old Chefs on Ebay, and that there’s even a company that will not only service your machine, but offers a full restoration service – including a respray to almost any colour you wish. I couldn’t really imagine going to town like this on a kitchen appliance, but then I saw some finished results and was converted. So now I’m back to trying to save up some money…

For you Chef-ophiles, my model is an A701A, meaning it is between 33 and 47 years old. (Kenwood Chef Restore provides information about all the different Chef models.) It is, for some reason, comforting to know that someone was making cakes with it before I was even born!

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