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My first vintage sewing pattern

My first vintage sewing pattern

Inspired by Casey’s Browns excellent blog (Casey’s Elegant Musings), I bought my first vintage sewing pattern the other day. It turns out Barnardo’s vintage in Edinburgh has a great selection of old sewing patterns, and the nearby Rusty Zip also has a few mixed in with its tights.

Unlike Casey Brown, my sewing experience to date consists chiefly of hand-sewn alterations of existing garments and making blinds on the sewing machine. Given this, I’m suspecting that I’ve set myself rather a challenge, especially as I think I will need to grade up the size of the pattern (for which I will use Casey’s excellent guidance).

Nevertheless, I am going to add this to my list of sewing projects, to follow the rather less exciting project of making yet more blinds. I’ll keep you posted on the progress (of the skirt, that is!).

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  1. wow. thanks for this. very helpful. :))))


  2. hi there, how did your project go? I have started on a blouse from a 1950s suit pattern which initially was quite daunting as I was used to printed patterns! Casey Brown’s blog was very good and I was pleased that in tracing my patterns before I started I am doing something right (however time consuming)!

    • I have to confess I have still not got further than the pattern grading stage! Very ashamed. However, I have a week off work soon and hope to get cracking then. I would love to see how your suit goes – I’ll keep an eye on your blog. x

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